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  • Cracking Your Password

    It seems each day that passes brings yet another news story of a major website that has been hacked with its users’ identities or credit card information compromised. Not only could this security breach damage the hacked company’s reputation, but it also has the potential to be an enormous financial calamity for the company. Read … Continue reading Cracking Your Password

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  • How Insured Are Your Tenants?

    Residential Resource Most renters incorrectly assume that the landlord has a responsibility to make them whole financially if there is a fire or plumbing leak. This responsibility only exists if the landlord can be shown to be negligent. I recently had an extended conversation with a client about renters insurance. The conversation led to a … Continue reading How Insured Are Your Tenants?

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  • Put Your Best Foot Forward

    No matter how spectacular your property is or how many one-of-a-kind amenities you may offer, unless you are marketing your property properly, you are just another face in the crowd. These days, you can get a lot of impact without spending a lot of money, thanks to the power of the web and the additional … Continue reading Put Your Best Foot Forward

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  • Making Your Accounting Add Up

    You can make your business stronger and more agile by transforming your typically “back-office accounting” into a “front-office tool” for intelligent business decisions. Regardless of whether you use an integrated accounting system or an interfaced accounting system, you should be able to improve the tracking and collection of rent and payments to vendors, owners and … Continue reading Making Your Accounting Add Up

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  • Screening for Better Tenants

    Most lease-ups result in entrusting a rental unit to a total stranger. The only method we have to mitigate this risk is to try to check the background of the prospect using the best tools and technology we can. This background check can include credit, criminal, and personal references. This process can lead to three … Continue reading Screening for Better Tenants

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