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Cory Dress, Student Housing Webinar

Register and attend our student housing software webinar to learn about the top 10 most popular student housing software features and benefits. Attendees automatically qualify to win our grand prize webinar giveaway (valued at $750).

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Customize Your Training to Fit Your Needs


PropertyBoss web-based training is a one-hour, instructor-led session on a focused topic of your choice and delivered over the web at a time of your choice. It is the best training option for learning at your own pace with minimum disruption to your regular work responsibilities.


PropertyBoss classroom training is a two and a half day instructor-led course on how to use the core features of PropertyBoss software. The course focuses on the residential and multifamily industries and prepares your people to perform leasing, bookkeeping, and maintenance responsibilities using the PropertyBoss software.


PropertyBoss on-site training and implementation is typically a two day event delivered at your facility to cover topics around first-time setup and use. This is a great training option for those who want to train several staff members at once with a full-immersion into the software.

To learn more about our training options and sign-up click here!

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