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Onsite, In the Cloud or Customized to You

PropertyBoss Solutions offers property managers a number of options for delivery and deployment of the PropertyBoss software. Both on-site and web-based versions are equally powerful and easy to use.


On-premise solutions include a stand-alone version for the property manager who uses a single office computer, whether one or multiple users are assigned to that computer.

A networked version of PropertyBoss is ideal for the property management office with multiple users on multiple computers installed on a network. Unlike some systems, the network version of PropertyBoss provides full, unlimited access to the entire system for concurrent users.


The Web-based version of PropertyBoss is perfect for companies with multiple users who need anytime, anywhere access to PropertyBoss. All software and data is hosted by PropertyBoss Solutions in secure data centers and can be securely accessed by any PropertyBoss user with an internet-connected PC.

Web-based solutions are also perfect for property managers who may not have technical staff for managing issues that may arise, and / or managers who prefer a monthly payment for software and support.

In addition, PropertyBoss provides a weekly summary report card for multi-site properties. This report card provides a quick summary of the prospect activity, leasing/renewal activity, receipts processing, and work orders backlog management across multiple sites.

PropertyBoss employs the latest security standards and antivirus protection, performs onsite and offsite data backups nightly, maintains up to 500% more bandwidth than is required by clients and always has redundant and supplemental servers standing by.

Our primary data center has received an SAS 70 Type II certification – the industry’s “gold standard” for certification of data center information technology processes. It provides clients with guarantees of security and reliability, and puts the PropertyBoss data center into a very select group of data centers nationally.

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