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Is Your Property Management Website Working for You?

You own a property management company, and maybe in the first few years you were in business, you did quite well. However, it seems as though there have been so many changes in the industry, and your website just isn’t cutting it. You’re not reaching the number of prospective tenants you once did, and this is a serious problem. Your company is not able to grow without the right tools in place.

Making your property management website work for you is the key to reaching prospective tenants, and PropertyBoss can help you with that. Did you know that:

A Responsive Website is a Must: The world of the desktop PC is fading away in favor of mobile devices that can be used anywhere. Your tenants are constantly on the go, and they’re looking for properties during their morning commute, on their lunch breaks and while they’re watching television at night. Responsive websites provide for an integrated viewing experience that’s easy to see and simple to understand. If you don’t have this as a part of your website, you risk losing out on a lot of leads.

Search Engine Optimization is a Must: Do you know how prospective tenants are looking for property management companies? They’re using search engines such as Google and Bing, and they’re entering keywords. If your keywords don’t appear on your website, you lose out and your competition succeeds. When your website is optimized correctly, your website will appear on the first page of every search engine. When your website traffic increases, you have a better chance of gaining those tenants.

An Easy to Navigate Platform is a Must: When potential tenants do find your website, how easy is it for them to find the information they’re looking for? You have approximately ten seconds to gain their interest when they look at your site, and if you don’t have a platform that’s simple to use and navigate, they will click away. You want your site to be filled with the appropriate information, but make sure it’s easy for visitors to access.

PropertyBoss has a lot of great tools to help you grow your property management company. Contact us to find out more! And check out our Solutions page for more information!

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