Getting Started With PropertyBoss

Below are some frequently asked questions on how to implement and get started using PropertyBoss software.

Our Hosted pricing starts at $1.25/Unit/Month, with a 100$ minimum. For larger unit counts be sure to inquire about portfolio pricing.

Every property management business experiences stages of expansion and retraction. With PropertyBoss you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your monthly subscription will adjust with your business.

All pricing is based on a recurring monthly subscription with a 12 Month Technology Agreement.

PropertyBoss Solutions does not make training mandatory, but we highly encourage all of our customers to sign-up. Training benefits the customer by helping them to make the most out of our very robust property management software solution, PropertyBoss.

ClientCare was designed to help you fix technical issues and ensure PropertyBoss is working properly. HelpDesk requests are typically short questions that are generally no longer than 15 minutes.

We offer several options in training choices which are designed to help you learn how particular features of PropertyBoss work. Training sessions need to be scheduled in advance (with at least 48 hour notice for the instructor).

Following are the system requirements for stand-alone and networked versions of PropertyBoss:


Requirements Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows XP/2000 (32 or 64bit)
*Mac OSX 10.5 or above
Windows 7/2008 (32 or 64bit)
*Mac OSX 10.5 or above
Processor Intel/AMD (1+ GHz) Intel/AMD (1+ GHz Dual Core)
Memory 2 GB 4 GB or more
Hard Drive 200MB free space 500MB free space
Internet Access Certain Add-ons and Web Portals require high-speed Internet access. Dial-up is not recommended.
Backup Device External USB memory stick or hard drive is recommended.
Other Software The following software is recommended for the following PropertyBoss features: Export to Excel — Microsoft Excel 2003 or higher; Merge to Word — Microsoft Word 2003 or higher.


*for web-based PropertyHost only

A Subscription Plan For Our Customers

The Active Client Experience (ACE) subscription includes the following:

  • Access to major and minor software updates/upgrades
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • Access to EinsteinAnswers (online documentation)
  • Access to Monthly Webinars
  • Access to ClientCentral, which includes:
    • A library of training videos
    • A community forum, blogs, and FAQs
    • Your company dashboard metrics (coming soon)
  • Access to One-on-One Training from industry specialists*
  • Customized Implementation Services for new clients*

* Additional costs may apply

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